My Boyfriend Tied Me Up And Fucked Me


My boyfriend and I always love to have sex. He has always been the type of guy that loves to protect his girl. We are conventional couple. One day I asked him to hurt me and do something that will make me cry. I did not know what he is going to do to me but he invited me to enter the room so I entered the room completely clueless what is about to happen. Laying on the bed and he started putting handcuffs on my wrist and tied me up on the bed. I am curious what will happen so I just enjoyed the flow.

He removed my dress and my panty. He made me naked and started massaging my boobs. While my legs are also tied up, he fingers my pussy and lick it. I really enjoyed what he is doing to me. There is a bit of pain but there is a massive feeling of pleasure and happiness. He used vibrator to my pussy that actually released the intense orgasm inside my body. I felt like I am in heavens with that feeling of pain and joy in one situation.

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